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222 South State Street
Kendallville, Indiana 46755

Driving Directions
State Road 9 North
Wolcottville, Indiana 46795


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Planning A Service


It's now possible to include everyone who isn't able to physically attend....


Planning a funeral service can be trying enough without the added concern of leaving someone out. With a discreet and private, password protected webcast of the service you can now include everyone that is unable to attend.


Whether it's distance, health, personal or professional commitments or a financial situation, something will prevent at least some important friends or family members from participating.


Young Family Funeral Home connects family and friends so everyone can participate in the funeral service, regardless of where they live. And, only you decide who can attend and watch.


Please call us in Wolcottville at 260-854-2251 or in Kendallville at 260-347-0950 and ask how all of your family and friends can be included in the service.

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